Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pumpkin Pies & Pajamas

It's not National Pajama Day. I know because I looked it up after we saw not one but two people wearing pajamas in McDonald's. At 1:15 in the afternoon. The first was a kid who was, clearly, wearing not one but two kinds of pajamas. He began by putting on a thin cotton, long sleeve shirt and matching pants. He then paired this with Scooby-Doo jammies of the short sleeve variety. I pondered this child--who I'd say was about five--for quite some time before asking my husband, "Is he wearing two pairs of pajamas?" Troy then watched him for about ten seconds before replying, "Yes. Yes he is."

Then, when we were leaving McDonald's, I noticed a full grown young woman standing at the counter wearing flannel pants with some kind of bedtime print and a soft cotton tee. Her outfit came complete with slippers.

This led me to ask, as we exited the building, if it was National Pajama Day. So I looked it up. Nope. National Pajama Day is November 6. Do you think people maybe got confused?

But then I was in Walmart and I saw a cart with two boys inside. Both of them were wearing pants complete with belts but were lacking shirts. I quickly scanned the cart wondering if they had discarded their top wear. This in and of itself would have been slightly weird but there were no shirts in sight. So, apparently, this was a, "Grab your pants, we're going to Walmart," kind of moment.

"What about our shirts?"

"What about them? We have to go. NOW. Walmart doesn't wait for shirts!"

So, apparently, it's just National Dress Strange and Go Out In Public Day and I didn't get the memo.

In other news, my three-year-old is cuter than your three-year-old. No, I know what you're thinking. It's just because he's mine. Right? I'm biased. Right?


Because watch this.

He always calls pumpkins "Pumpkin Pies" and it's the cutest thing. Of ever. They're in all the stores now and when he sees them he squeals, "Look, Mom! Pumpkin pies!" The other day we were driving past a pumpkin patch. "Mommy! A bunch of pumpkin pies!"

And if that doesn't win him cutest three-year-old of all time then the voting is clearly skewed.

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