Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Afternoon With a Gaggle of Boys

I'm watching my friend's boys for the afternoon and remembering that, if my oldest and her oldest were twins, these four kids could all be mine. And they would be raised by relatives while Troy and I enjoyed our stay at the local mental institution.


And yet, oh so fun.

We made a fort out of a sheet.

We made Halloween sugar cookies.

And now they've been playing outside for over an hour.

Giggling. Screaming. Generally experiencing merriment.

I walked past the open sliding glass door, saw my oldest and her oldest sitting in the red wagon and paused as I listened to the following conversation.

W gets out of the wagon and Garrett yells, "No! That's all water! You're drowning!"

W doesn't skip so much as a half a beat before he replies, "No I'm not. I'm Jesus."

"OH!" Garrett says quickly. "So, I guess that makes me Peter."

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