Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Learning With Matthew

The Little Buddy can correctly identify all 26 letters if I say them aloud and ask him to point. If I point at them and ask him their names, he knows 18 of them. He knows most of the sounds they make.

And he knows roughly three colors.

Three whole colors! Two and a half really. It's weird. We're working on it. And I'm going insane. He's got brown and blue down. Sometimes he gets red. The other day we drove into the elementary school parking lot and he yelled, "A red car!" And sure enough it was. Unfortunately he doesn't always get red. He very rarely gets yellow but will often say, "It's like a banana!" We know he isn't color blind because when we show him something in a certain color and ask him to go find something in that same color, he almost never fails. He just has a mental block with their names.

Almost any time I try to actually sit down with him and work on colors, he starts crying. I have no idea what sort of trauma has occurred in his life to make him so terribly upset about colors. Yet, the same kid, will jump for joy when I pull out the alphabet chart and squeal, "I get to wern my wettahs?"

He can say neither his l's nor his r's and so I repeatedly ask him what my name is. "Whoa-wee!" he says.

The Rock Star has a friend over and just a minute ago the other boy asked, "Is that your guitar, Matthew?" to which Matthew replied, "No. It's my oooh-ka-way-way."

Yeah. He knows the difference between a guitar and a ukulele but figuring the difference between green and red will reduce him to immediate tears. Obviously.

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