Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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I'm praying for a female acoustic guitar player with a strong voice to join our church and lead worship at our retreats. While we're on the subject of a faith based wishlist, I'm also praying for a rich benefactor who will give liberally to the church, but so far God just keeps revealing that the current body needs to give more. Go figure. Also on the list is the request that a good, godly, Christian family will move into the vacant house next door, be searching for a church, come to ours, like it and stay. Yes. I pray for specific things like that. Go big or go home.

But back to the female acoustic guitar player.

We don't have one.

So at our retreats, we worship to album songs. I usually stand up in front and sing along and I typically invite someone else to stand up there with me. The problem is, I look like a complete and total dweeb.

So I guess my request is actually for a female acoustic guitar player who does not look like a total dweeb when she worships.

I want to be Jill McCloghry or Brooke Fraser or Amy Grant in my next life. If, you know, I believed in reincarnation and if, in said reincarnated life, I could come back as people who already exist. It's complicated theology.

I never raised my hands up like that before. I was a good little Baptist girl who kept her arms firmly at her sides. And then, one day, I felt one arm creeping up. God is all around me. In me, even, but suddenly I wanted to stretch my body as close to Heaven as I could. To reach Christ. To touch His face. To hold that nail scarred hand. To brush my fingertips across His tunic and be healed.

But I think this is a situation where what is felt on the inside is not necessarily translated to what one looks like on the outside. Because, apparently, while I was worshiping the Lord, I thought I needed to hold my scarf down for fear that it might grow wings and fly away. And, also, I think I look a little more like I'm in pain and a little less like I'm in love.

So I'm taking applications for next year's worship leader, is what I'm saying.

But we did have a fantastic time with 38 women crammed into tight living quarters, praising our Savior.

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