Friday, February 19, 2010

The Wild Animal Park

My mom and I took the boys to The Wild Animal. As always, The Rock Star had a blast jumping on the lily pads.

The boys fell in love with this goat. I'm certain that Matthew thought it was his dog because this is exactly how he stands over Beck whenever he gets the chance.
Garrett said he wanted to take the goat home. He followed it around the petting zoo and kept telling me how much he loved the goat and how badly he wanted it. I'm sure the animal park wouldn't have cared one single bit if I just stole a goat right out from their noses.

The boys had fun playing on the toys down in the Cool Zone. I know it doesn't look like Matthew had any fun in this particular picture but if one of them wasn't frowning whenever I tried to get a shot of the two of them then you would all die from the sheer cuteness. They do it for you protection, I assure you.

We also saw some animals while we there. We saw a gorilla, lorikeets, meerkats, etc. We also saw the lions. Even though this particular lion was only a few inches away from the boys, she didn't look like she wanted to eat them. The skunk on a leash on the hill, however, was a totally different story. She wanted some skunk for lunch in the worst way.

After only a few hours (thank goodness we have passes) Garrett asked if we could go home. I thought something had to be wrong with him. Sure enough, he was running a nice fever by the afternoon. Both boys fought fevers for portions of a couple of the days that we were there. They never really had any other symptoms--other than slightly runny noses--and I never caught it. Apparently my sons can drape their feverish bodies all over me and I don't catch it. But, you know, if someone gets a stomach bug in Nebraska I'm likely to start throwing up.


  1. That was one nice goat to let kids on and near him like that. The lion, on the other hand, DOES look like it's going to eat something. When you say the boys were inches from it, I hope you mean lots and lots of inches that equal yards and big fences. J

  2. I don't blame the boys for wanting the goat... I LOVE goats... whenever I am at Disneyland I always visit the goats... I really like them... they are very cute and softer than one would expect. I have a favorite sibling pair... Flora and Fauna! Sweet little goats!

  3. I went here for my 3rd birthday. Although I don't remember it there are pictures to prove I was there and it must have changed quite a bit in the last..... well lets just say, few years ;). And Like Joanna I surely hope that you had some fence or something between you guys and that lioness.

  4. Lori,

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong but that is how my best friend spells hers. I will get it right next time. :)