Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Road Trip

Road trip by the numbers...

12= The number of hours it took to get from Salt Lake to San Diego.

1= The number of hours we stopped for dinner (we made really good time!).

1= The number of hours Matthew slept during the first seven hours of the trip.

4.5= The number of hours Matthew slept during the last five hours of the trip.

2= The number of horrible accidents we were almost in. One would NOT have been my fault. The other, well, I would have been at fault but I would have gone to my grave--which may have happened--blaming the tire that was stretching across my lane.

11,000,000= The number of times Garrett asked, "Are we in California yet?"

2= The number of minutes Matthew cried on the entire trip.

4= The number of stops we made. Three of these were ten minutes or less.

Overall, it was a great road trip and the boys did incredibly well.


  1. Glad you guys made it safe. Beck is having fun with Holly. We will be praying for your court things.


  2. Awesome - the Lord clearly was guiding you to Cali! Glad there were only 2 minutes of crying and hey 11,000,000 is under the average for the 'are we there yet?' question, right? ;-)

  3. That's amazing. You have two very good little travelers. And another number:

    1 - The number of uncles that are crazy excited to see their nephews.

  4. Great have wonderful kids ;)
    Are you guys going to be at Mtn View on Sunday??

  5. That's amazing. I feel like I need more than four stops on that drive...and during the final two hour stretch, I might cry more than two minutes as well.