Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things We've Been Doing

See. I told you I'd be MIA for awhile. I've still got three days left here in San Diego. Here is a list of things we've done so far.

1. Went to a hearing. Not much happened.
2. While we were there, my parents took The Rock Star to the Zoo.
3. Went shopping with my mom for Matthew's birthday party stuff.
4. While we were shopping, Troy, Garrett and Matthew hung out with my brother.
5. Had Matthew's birthday party (3 weeks early so we could celebrate with extended family and friends).
6. Went to church.
7. Watched Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. Yeah! I could only have been happier if the Chargers had won.
8. Went to lunch and a movie with my mom.
9. Garrett & Matthew played with their aunt and cousins while my mom and I were out.
10. Went to the Wild Animal Park with the boys and my mom.

It's been great. Even if my poor baby is teething and fighting off some kind of cold that now seems to have started plaguing the eldest. (The cold, that is, not the teething.)

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