Sunday, February 14, 2010

Numbers: Return Trip

11.7= The number of hours it took to get from San Diego to Salt Lake City.

7.5= The number of hours we did in the first day.

4.2= The number of hours we did in the second day.

30 ish= The number of minutes I spent stopped dead on the 15 just south of the speedway in Vegas/spent taking a detour with my dad on my cell phone directing me. Apparently there was some sort of hazmat situation and the road was closed. It was high times. I ended up following the other cars that had driven through the center divide and flipping a U onto 15 south. Then I paralleled the 15 for awhile before getting back on past the hazmat disaster.

16= The number of hours we spent at my great aunt and uncle's in southern Utah.

2 (maybe less)= The number of minutes Matthew cried on the entire trip.

32= The number of times Garrett said, "Are we to my Auntie's house yet?" or "Are we in Utah?" or "Are we in our Utah yet?" Note: Our Utah is equivalent to Salt Lake. Also Note: I thought 32 was a vast improvement to the 11,000,000 times he asked if we were in California yet.

3= The number of times we stopped (not counting the 16 hour break).

2= The number of times the boys got out of the car (again, not counting the break). One of the times that I got gas we were about ten minutes from my aunt's so I filled up and got back on the road super quick.

10= The number of minutes I spent being totally humiliated by the fact that, in my hurry, I had shoved my card into the cash slot of a gas payment machine. I dug through my stuff, located my tweezers, attempted to remove it that way, and then had to go get help anyway. Embarrassing...yeah.

0= The number of movies Garrett watched. Total. Including our trip down to San Diego. We have a rule that Garrett can watch one movie on a long car ride. We take the player but we do not suggest that he watch something. If he asks, he can have one movie. If he doesn't ask, we suggest reading books, playing with toys, singing along to the music, looking out his window, etc. Well, he didn't ask. Way to go!

2= The number of hours that Garrett slept.

5 ish= The number of hours that Matthew slept.

100%= The percentage of heart swelling pride I feel for my children and their amazing car riding abilities.

More on the trip to come later. Stay tuned.

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  1. Lori, it was great seeing you and the boys. I can't believe how fast Matthew is growing. See you again soon!!