Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life is Crazy


It is late Tuesday night and I've written nothing since Friday and my seven loyal readers are going to leave which would be...not awesome. Because six of them are family members. Take a look around. If you're not related to me and you're still reading, you're the SEVENTH reader. Hi! Thank you for stopping by even though you are not bound by blood or marriage to be here.

Anyway. I have good excuses for not updating my blog. The are BOY SCOUTS and TRACK AND FIELD and BASEBALL and SUBSTITUTE TEACHING and they all overlap. Honestly. Today I worked and Troy worked and then I picked Matthew up from my friend's house and we came home and Garrett had approximately five seconds to do his homework and then I shoved some macaroni and cheese (don't judge) into my kids' mouths and then we dropped Matthew off at track and took Garrett to his game and then I went back to watch Matthew's practice and then we bolted over to watch Garrett's game and then we came home. MY LIFE IS A RUN ON SENTENCE.

I have had to turn down three jobs this month and I worked yesterday and today and I'm working tomorrow. I'm also scheduled to work next Monday and Tuesday. This morning I agreed to work next Thursday and Friday also. I know some parents do this every day. I do wonder, however, if these parents have children who do ALL THE EXTRACURRICULARS.


We knew it would be like this when baseball overlapped with track. (We didn't know they were tacking an entire tournament on to the end of the season. That was an added surprise.) We knew June would be crazy because our kids are still in school for another 22 days. Heck, we knew it would be crazy when we discovered that we had two sports loving boys.

It's all good. It looks like, perhaps, I've finally arrived as a substitute teacher. Which has, after all, been my life's goal. Remember that PSA from the 80's about not wanting to be a junkie?

"When I grow up, I wanna be a track star."

"No one ever says, 'I wanna be a junkie substitute teacher when I grow up.'"

I'm living the dream, y'all. But, hey, "the dream" helps pay for all those sports.

Also. This blog post is very boring and if you're still reading I am quite sorry. I'm going to go to bed now. The end.

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