Monday, June 22, 2015

Choosing Joy

In church yesterday, the worship leader was talking about going through tough times. He rhetorically asked if anyone was experiencing difficulty. Garrett turned his head toward me and nodded slightly.

"We are," he said. I half smiled and winked as if to say, Yes. We are. "We have been through a lot," he continued. Then he finished gently, "It's like there's something wrong with our family and bad things just keep happening."

I fully acknowledge that things could be SO MUCH WORSE. We could live without our basic needs being met. We could have major health concerns. More of us could die! I know all this. But to an eight-year-old, losing a sister and the beloved dog he's had since birth seems pretty awful.

I ran my fingers through his hair. Our eyes met. I didn't speak but he knew.

We will praise if the bad things keep happening and we will praise if the good times come. We will acknowledge the infinite blessings we have and eagerly look forward to what the Lord has for our futures.

We will choose joy.

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