Monday, January 12, 2015

There's a Crib Now

Exactly two months until our baby's due date.

So I put together a crib tonight.

People have been really generous with their baby gear. We've received a bouncer, a swing, a crib, a baby bath (brand new and still sporting stickers), and an umbrella stroller. Not to mention a hefty haul of hand-me-downs. This has been incredibly helpful because, with the exception of a pack n play, I had nothing left for a baby. I got rid of it all years ago.

I'm convinced that I need to start dreaming up the most ridiculous scenarios for my life because God's plans are about as far from mine as I could come up with. I know, maybe one day we'll move to Guam. Perhaps I'll become a world class chef. Maybe I'll run for Congress. How about having a baby when my children are 8 and a half and 6 and all our baby stuff is long gone. See, that last one doesn't sound quite so nutty on the heels of the other things.

Troy had Garrett at scouts and Matthew was taking a bath while I built the crib. He had no idea what I was doing and, when he got himself out of the tub, he came into the bedroom, gasped and then declared, "I think Kate will like this bed a lot!"

I hope so.

I hope she likes it so much that she uses it a lot and for long stretches of the night.

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