Monday, January 5, 2015

Not the Flu

We've all been stricken with the plague. That to say, if you were around us yesterday at church, my sincerest apologies. The only one of us who had any symptoms yesterday was Troy and believe me I tried to get him to take a sick day. But he's a stubborn one. It doesn't even matter though because the rest of the three of us would have still been there given that WE HAD NO SYMPTOMS.

Unfortunately, we do now.

There are fevers and headaches and coughing (but the doctor told Troy he didn't think it was the flu) and Ibuprofen and WHEN CAN I TAKE MORE IBUPROFEN and DID I SERIOUSLY ONLY GIVE IT TO YOU AN HOUR AGO?

So I really am very, very sorry if I inadvertently gave this to anyone.

But at least it's not the flu. Right?

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