Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fun Week

My kids have the benefit curse of a mom with a degree in Theatre and a dad who loves art. Whenever it's a dress up night at Kid's Club or spirit week at school, we pull out all the stops. Last week was crazy hair night at our midweek club.

 We used gel, hairspray and temporary hair dye for Garrett and created this...
We knew it was coming so we had Matthew grow his hair out for a few weeks longer than we normally would. It's hard to do crazy hair on a kid with a shaved head. First, Troy shaved the rest of Matthew's head leaving only a cross shape. Then we sprayed it orange. Both boys had a blast!

On Friday, we were invited to the house of a boy in Garrett's class. They'd invited four boys from the kindergarten class and another neighbor kid. Garrett's friend has a little brother and I had Matthew with me so there was a total of 8 boys between the ages of 6 and 2. That's a lot of boys, y'all. 

They frosted gingerbread men, slurped hot chocolate and made these...

Aren't they the cutest gingerbread houses you've ever seen? We used a very thick frosting to "glue" the graham crackers to milk cartons which then made it SO easy for the boys to decorate the houses.

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