Sunday, December 16, 2012


Olivia Engel, two days older than my son. Madeleine Hsu, ten days older. Jesse Lewis, twenty days older. Caroline Previdi, seven weeks younger. Noah Pozner, four months younger.

This is why I climbed into his bed last night, after he was asleep. I just needed to hold him for a few more minutes. I needed to feel the rise and fall of his tiny chest as he sucked in life.

Teachers younger than I am, gone.

A principal running toward a madman with loaded guns.

Helpless kids, the whole world  in front of them, facing death with terrible fear.

Every day people are brutally murdered, heinous acts are committed. This place is ugly.

And so I am looking more intently at the beauty and breathing in my beautiful boys.

But I am waiting for my king to come and reign. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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