Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Your kid might be sheltered if...

He looks at you and says, "Hey, mom. What's an ass?"

I was actually pretty glad that we made it through six years and five months of life before he asked. "Well," I began, "it's another word for a donkey. But it's also a naughty word for bottom and we don't say it."

I had an internal chuckle because, as far as our kids are concerned, "butt" is a naughty word for bottom. He just nodded and went about his life.

But now I'm waiting for the Christmas Eve service and wondering if we're going to sing a certain line of a certain carol that says, "Where ox and ass are feeding." And, if we do, I wonder if a certain six-year-old is going to clap a hand over his mouth and start to giggle.

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