Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elfin Fun

Whew! I sorta forgot that I'm supposed to be posting pictures of our crazy elves and their shenanigans. My mom told me before they left after Thanksgiving that she wanted to know what they were doing every day. So here's what they've been up to.
December 1

December 2

December 3

Finn was found spying on Garrett's betta, Peter. It was a little hard to take his picture through the fish bowl.

December 4
The Seahawks hat is on top of a big stuffed bear in the hallway. The wreath is in our entry way. It took the boys awhile to find Booker in the entry way.

December 5

December 6

My brother had a train that went around our Christmas tree when we were growing up. This year, we bought one for the boys. Before we had our tree, it was set up in the middle of the floor. One day, the elves were found having some fun with it. This is the same day they temporarily disappeared because the boys were NON STOP FIGHTING. They reappeared later in the day with a note that told them that if they didn't stop fighting, the elves were going back to the North Pole. Matthew couldn't have cared less. But Garrett, oh, he cared. And he watched those elves for a solid hour and a half to make sure they didn't leave again.

December 7

December 8

December 9

One morning we all woke up to find Booker and Finn having a snack. There was candy, empty wrappers, and a bunch of fruit snacks. Finn's face was covered in chocolate. Booker was holding a chunk of candy in his hands. 

December 10

And that about catches us up to today. Two weeks until the elves head back to the pole from whence they came. I wonder what other kinds of trouble they can get into.

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