Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This kid just read the word "rescuers" he followed it up by sounding out "supersecret" which I'm pretty sure is actually two words.
I mean, he doesn't look like that anymore, except in my eyes, but the point is, he's basically reading. Slowly. Stubbornly, at times. But he's reading.

Have I told you lately how very glad I am that we didn't start him? Oh I have? Well, I'm telling you again. There are about 25 kids in his class and he's at the very top of all of them in reading. I only know that because I volunteer in his classroom, not because I go around stalking the other children and drilling them on whether or not they can read. I'm not that mom. At least not yet, anyway. There are two kids who are pretty close to him but the three of them are well ahead of the rest.

When I was volunteering on Monday, his teacher said, "I want all of my six-year-old boys to go answer the question of the day." At least seven boys got up to answer the question. A few of the boys were absent and I know that some of them are already six. So, obviously, a lot of parents made the same decision we did and started their boys late.

While we're on the subject, this kid knows almost all of his letters and the sounds they make. He also doesn't look like this anymore which is actually kind of good because, as cute as he was, he never stopped screaming.
He knows more letters and sounds than several of the kindergartners I tested on Monday. This is a very good thing because it means that hopefully he'll be reading in a couple of years. 

It is very important to me that these children become proficient readers at a young age. How else will they become world famous writers? How else will they pay me back by blogging about how insane their mother is?

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