Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Dad

This is it. Today is my dad's last day at his job. He retires. At 54.

My dad has worked in law enforcement since before I was born. He's been at the same location since I was six or seven. I grew up visiting him at his very cool branch of the sheriff's department. My kids have enjoyed the same kind of fun.

It's weird for me.

Granted, he's very young, but how do I have a father old enough to be retired? Especially when said father was only 22 when I was born.

He worked.


For almost 33 years.

Overtime, whenever he could, to give us what we needed. Or what we wanted. Yet he somehow still managed to be present in our lives. He never missed the big stuff. He rarely missed the small stuff.

My father is an incredible man, the best I could have asked for in a dad.

Congratulations, Dad! Enjoy your retirement.

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