Saturday, September 1, 2012


"Mom!" his voice rings out loud and clear from the backyard, where both boys are playing. "Mommy! Beck's being mean!"

So yes, we're smack in the middle of the tattletale phase.

And guess what, Matthew?

That golden retriever, the one who will be nine tomorrow, is hands down my best behaved, easiest child. Sure, he stinks more than my human ones. Sure, he's a lot hairier than my human ones. Sure, he has horrible teeth and he licks himself in an attempt to have some level of personal hygiene. But he doesn't hit or kick or tell lies. His solitary goal in life is to keep the peace.

So, sweet three-year-old boy, unless you are tattling on the dog because he's eating tomatoes off the vine or chewing up a plastic shovel, I'm probably not going to believe you.

When it comes to which one of you is being mean, I'm taking his word over yours.

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