Thursday, September 6, 2012


Let me just start by pointing out how super thrilled the love of my life is going to be when he sees this picture of himself plastered on my blog for all of my six readers to see. (Do you like how I sneaked that "love of my life" part in there just to save myself?)
In any case, this is what happens when your six-year-old asks, with big, begging eyes, if you'll have a pillow fight with him. I wasn't asked. Nope. This was strictly a boy pillow fight. And his daddy was not about to turn down a good, old-fashioned, pillow fight. It does look like Troy is whacking his kids with a sack of potatoes but, I assure you, it's just a misshapen feather pillow.

He's the only one who sleeps on a feather pillow. And, yes, I did have visions of feathers flying all over the playroom when the pillow bomb detonated.

The Rock Star spent a lot of time hiding between the wall and the bookcase alluding the camera.

But his brother was not afraid to get in there and get his aggression out. I see full contact football in his future.

We could have powered our house for a year off the squeals coming from that room. Garrett would back up, hide momentarily, and then charge quickly. Matthew just stood in the center of the room and whacked his daddy repeatedly.

Troy didn't ever really move from one spot. He just sat and swung whenever a boy approached. They were able to perform a fairly strategic tag team.

I have no idea why the camera focused on Troy but this is Garrett in "retreat mode."

In the end, Troy laid on the ground like a slug (it was his only defense) and let the boys pummel him. I took that opportunity to put the camera down and grab my own pillow. The three of us took turns slamming our pillows onto a fetal positioned daddy.

We might be a weird family.

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  1. Looks like fun! I appreciate the Christmas story reference - took me a second to place it, but I got there.