Saturday, May 21, 2011


The Mom: A blogger who is rapidly approaching the need to change her blog's subtitle from The ramblings of a twentysomething pastor's wife to Somehow I'm now a thirtysomething. She is medium height, slender when not stuffing her face with cookies, and has a hair color that is undefinable. She has tried with such explanations as Potato Peels Floating in Dirty Dishwater and Fiery Field Mouse. Her eyes used to be a deep, chocolaty brown. Now they are a fairly unnoticeable blend of light browns.

The Rock Star: A boy of four going on twelve. He is slender with short dirty blonde hair. His eyes are impossible to define. They are sometimes green and sometimes hazel and sometimes a steely color. They are deep. So deep, in fact, that one might get lost in them and feel the obsessive need to go swimming. He very busy and rarely, if ever, stops talking or moving. He tires easily with tedious tasks such as reading and writing but remembers each and every moment of his life with incredibly accuracy. He also has an affinity for documentaries which can be attributed, almost entirely, to his father.

The Little Buddy: A boy of two. He is stocky with dark, curly hair. His eyes are deep wells of delicious chocolate. His skin is dark and almost always toasty warm. He is light on his feet and his movements can be described more as flitting or hopping and less as walking. He repeats everything with adorable intonations and has the most infectious laugh. While riding in the car, he can often be found with his thumb firmly planted in his mouth. He is obsessed with taking his shoes and socks off as well as climbing everything in sight and performing acrobatics.

Scene: Friday morning. 11:15 am. The car. Driving home from school.

The Rock Star: Can we see England people someday?
The Mom: What?
The Rock Star: Can we see England people someday?
The Mom: What do you mean?
The Rock Star: England people!
The Little Buddy: Peepo! Sock!
The Mom: You mean, people in England?
The Rock Star: Yes!
The Mom: You want to go to England someday?
The Rock Star: Yeah! Like, on vacation.
The Mom: Maybe someday.
The Little Buddy: DAY!
The Rock Star: Okay. Good. (pause) But, Mom, do they speak Spanish in England?
The Mom: (stifling laughter) No. They speak English.
The Rock Star: (clearly, very relieved that he wouldn't have to learn a new language) They do? They speak English in England? That's just like us!

Go figure.

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