Friday, May 13, 2011

Pizza Place

My mother-in-law is flying in this afternoon to spend about five days with us. Troy will pick her up at the airport around 3:30. Garrett has a swimming lesson at 4:40. Troy has a softball game at 6:30. What with driving all over the place, I decided to get a pizza from Papa Murphy's so I don't have to squeeze "making dinner" in to a five minute time frame. Troy can throw it into the oven while I'm with Garrett at his lesson.

No. This blog hasn't gone into the realm of chronicling every moment of our lives. While that would be astoundingly exciting, it would be way too time consuming. But this is just another funny thing Garrett said.


As we were driving home from preschool I said, "Should I stop at Papa Murphy's and get a pizza for dinner?"

Confused, Garrett exclaimed, "Papa Smurf's?"

I started laughing and said, "No. Papa Murphy's. It's a pizza place."

He said, all matter-of-fact, "Ohhhh. Papa Smurfy's."

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  1. It's been determined. We are opening a pizza place called Papa Smurfy's. And we'll put blue food coloring in the crust. It's happening.