Friday, May 27, 2011

Only I

Only I am an almost 30 year old who still sucks her old fashioned candy sticks (when she has an old fashioned candy stick which is next to never) into points. I happened to buy three of these for a dollar yesterday at Wheeler Farm and I happened to decide to eat mine this afternoon.

Only I have been obsessively awaiting the rebirth of our fifth and final caterpillar. Only I was starting to think that poor Prince Caspian was dead in there because our literature said between 7 and 10 days and it's been 13. Only I accidentally knocked the dish soap into the side of the net this morning, dislodging him from his vertical position and hurling him into a horizontal position on the floor of the enclosure. Only I was so concerned about this causing butterfly brain damage that only I have been watching his net like a hawk all day.

Only I went in to the kitchen to check on him for the 80,001 time today, saw a partial butterfly lying on its back, vigorously trying to free itself from any memory of being a caterpillar, and yelled for The Rock Star to come quickly. Only I declared, "I'm going to go get the video camera!" Only I turned to run up the stairs while holding the candy with the exquisite point on the end. Only I somehow managed to ram said candy halfway through the part of my face between my lip and my chin. Only I could do something so ridiculous. This stuff just happens to me.

Only I didn't bother to stop the bleeding until after I'd filmed the butterfly. Only I reached up when the rebirth was complete, touched my face, and pulled away fingers covered in blood. Only I, folks. And I'll be here all week.


  1. When you tell your kids not to run with sharp objects, you can regale them with this real-life story. "It can happen," you'll tell them.

  2. Wow. I was thinking the same least you'll have a true cautionary tale about not running with sharp object. I hope the injury wasn't too bad and that you got the butterfly emerging on video. I want to see it!
    PS-I hope you don't mind I posted a link to your metamorphosis post on my blog this morning. Thanks for being better with words than I am. :)

  3. i just keep thinking about that time awhile ago when you bashed your head on a car door. :) clumsy people rule!!

  4. I am just so impressed you took the time to get all those I's in italics!!