Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love My Boys

So. The Rock Star wanted to bring me green eggs in bed. It's just that this is really not a good idea for Sunday mornings. Generally Sunday mornings are a tornado of clothes flying, hair gel squeezing and toothpaste blobbing. Usually, someone ends up crying. Garrett and Matthew always seem to eat in reverse on Sundays. Or the dog throws up. Or someone spills down the front of their shirt or rubs banana in their hair. Seriously. On Sunday mornings stuff just happens. But the kid had his heart set on a Dr. Suess themed Mother's Day.

Yesterday I was being incredibly lazy. I kept telling myself to get out of bed but, since no one had beckoned me with news of a lost limb or the necessity of stitches or, at the very least, a misplaced stuffed animal, I just stayed in bed. Suddenly, there came the sound of the door knob turning. "Happy Early Mother's Day!" a certain four-year-old came in, bearing breakfast. Toast. Bacon. And the quintessential Mother's Day food, green eggs.

Later, they traipsed off to the store. I'm told that the following conversation took place.

Dad: What do you want to get Mommy for Mother's Day?
Son: A hunting knife!
Dad: Uhhh. How about another idea?
Son: A gun!
Dad: Those gifts are too expensive. How about another suggestion. (Although, I must say that nothing screams Mother's Day like a hunting knife and a gun.)
Dad: Hmmm...maybe I can help out with some ideas.

What I got was a Jamba Juice gift card. When I opened it this morning, The Rock Star exclaimed, "Now you can take me and Matthew to Jamba!" And, I'm pretty certain that's the way it will go down.

I also got these beautiful flowers.
I got something else just as I was walking out the door. But that story will have to wait for another day. Let's just say that it's something I've been anticipating.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! I love the green eggs. That is so cute! The boy's gift ideas were hilarious too. Hope you had a lovely Sunday. See you at swim tomorrow!

  2. auggghhh... the suspense is killing me

  3. agree, the suspense is killing me too! That is one of THE cutest pictures of Matthew, EVER!!!