Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ad-min-ih-stray-shun & Evangelism!

Evangelism! is not my spiritual gift.

Not by a long shot.

That doesn't mean I'm not supposed to evangelize. It just means that every opportunity to talk to someone about my Lord feels a little a lot out of my comfort zone. I have the spiritual gift of administration. Typically, if someone asks me what my spiritual gift is, I groan the word out in more than the five syllables it should take to say. Ad--min--ih--stray-shun. As though the word was slowly killing me.

I don't question the Lord on this one. We all need a clipboard from time to time. We all need planners. I'm happy to serve in such a capacity. But it's not one of the really cool ones. It's hardly mercy. It doesn't hold a candle to Evangelism!

I'm not going to go labeling my son at the tender age of four. For all I know he has the gift of hospitality--what with the way he invites everyone in our neighborhood over and offers them pretzels, popsicles, six course dinners. But the other day, the door was open as he played in the yard with a little girl from across the street. I couldn't hear their entire conversation but I heard enough.

When he came in, moments later, for dinner, I asked him, "Garrett, were you telling her about Jesus?"

"Yes," He replied. "I wanted to make sure she knew about Him."

I think my pride was actually sinful which probably was not exactly what God was going for. "Well, does she?"

He smiled, "Yeah. She knows who He is. And she has a Bible book, too! I made sure."

My heart felt about thirty-two times bigger than it's supposed to be. My boy, on his own, wanted to make sure his friend knew about his Jesus. If he grows up and discovers he has the spiritual gift of ad-min-ih-stray-shun I'll be just as proud of him--all I truly care about is that my boys love the Lord and love Him deeply. But, if he grows up an unashamedly evangelizes (exclamation point), well, wouldn't that just be icing on the cake.

And y'all know I love me some cake.

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  1. WOW what a kid. Too bad he is 8 years Jessica's junior, they would make a great missionary couple. But yeah don't tell her I said that I might get into trouble