Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday morning we were supposed to leave the house at 7:30. As we pulled out of the driveway we had the following conversation...

T: (Looking at the clock) How's that for timing?
Me: (Glancing down and seeing that it was 7:31) Not good. We're a minute late.
T: (teasing) You're a brat.
Me: (coyly) What? We're a minute late.
T: We left the house at 7:28.
Me: (teasing) So it took three minutes to get out of the driveway?
T: No. It took three minutes to load up the boys.
Me: Yeah. So we're a minute late.
T: You are so ornery.
G: (interjecting from the back seat) Yeah, daddy, and you're Mario!
T & Me: (dissolve into fits of laughter)

I have no idea who Mario is and why on earth my son thought he was Ornery's partner in crime.


  1. Does he know anything about Yoshi or his friend in the green cap? ;) Funny!

  2. Still cracks me up . . . and I still don't know why he called me Mario unless of course its because that's who I usually am on Wii Mario Kart. Just a thought. Thankfully I didn't have to dodge turtle shells and banana peels as we were already driving a minute late.


  3. I thought Luigi was Mario's partner in crime? :)

  4. Your son is the best, he always makes me laugh out loud :)