Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Little Loves Of My Life

These are my little angels.

I love them. A lot. With my whole entire heart and soul. I love them even when Garrett tracks mud in the house. So much mud. Clumps and buckets full of mud. I didn't raise my voice, I simply asked, somewhat distraught, if he had seen the mess he'd made. He answered quietly that he had. Moments later he called to me from the back door. He'd collected a handful of little yellow flowers for me.

And I love when they sleep.
I love that Matthew's idea of an egg hunt was to squat next to his brother's basket and throw every egg out.
I love that Garrett only lost his patience when the tenth egg had been lobbed. I love that Matthew didn't notice the speed with which I retrieved each tossed egg. I love that when I pointed out the fact that I was retrieving them, Garrett started cackling and watching his brother's antics with adoration and hysteria.

I love that Matthew will sit still and listen to a bible story. I love that Garrett went around telling people at church on Easter Sunday that, "He is risen!" I love that he knew who was risen, indeed.
I love that we had a great family outing on Monday that included nothing more than hair cuts for the boys and lunch at Costco.

I love that Matthew looks like such a little man with his shorter hair. I love that he was happy and content until the clippers started doing their magic on the top of his head and that, when he burst into tears, he reached out with both hands and clung to me.

I especially love that they gave him a balloon and, of course, how absolutely adorable he was while he played with it that night.


  1. Praying for all of you! Those pictures are all great! :)

  2. SO adorable I just want to bite them both :)
    (I promise I won't eat your kids, but they do look so yummy)

  3. You have such adorable sons! I'm thinking about your family all the time.

  4. What sweet boys! Pretty soon I'll have pictures of my own to post. i can hardly wait :)

  5. No fair! I want a haircut in an airplane...