Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Do They Fit Inside?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you breaking news. If you are my brother or any other man who may not want to hear gynecological terms discussed, especially in reference to my own self, look away because this just in...


Enormous ovaries are a sign of PCOS which y'all know I have. However, when I went to the girly doctor yesterday she informed me that one of my ovaries felt enlarged. She then sent me to have an ultrasound done today. While I don't have any official results from the standard ultrasound turned internal ultrasound (because nothing can be easy and straightforward for me) I did find out that it ain't just my right ovary that's gigantic. For real. My ovaries could rival small countries in land mass.

Let's just say that a polycystic ovary typically measures between 14-20. Mine were a whopping 24. My uterus, which is normal (actually, the technician raved about how wonderful it was--which was weird) is only 63. My ovaries are a third the size of my uterus. That's a seriously unproportioned woman zone right there.

Anyway, there is really no reason for me to bring it up on my blog except that I can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop wondering exactly how I pack that much ovary in that little space. I can't stop looking at my abdomen and thinking about the sorts of freak organs that lie beneath. I'm pretty much a mutant.

I've said before that my ovaries are dramatic. Perhaps psychotic would be a better adjective. Obese? Gargantuan?


  1. Could the enormous size of your ovaries ever result in a need for their removal? Are you more at risk for cancers or anything like that?

  2. colossal seems like a fitting word. i'm jealous that you know how big your ovaries are. i feel like it's something people should be able to know about themselves, like bra size or shoe size. "what size are you? oh, 24? i'm a 13."

  3. Um...gross. That might have been the most random thing I've ever heard. I knew i should have looked away, but the first thing I saw was the big bold type, and then had to read the whole post to figure out what the heck was going on. Thanks...for...sharing?

  4. So, I was recently reading Kate Gosselin's new book. (You know, from Jon and Kate +8.) Anyway, according to the book shortly before she got pregnant with the sextuplets she ended up in the hospital with, like seriously enlarged girly parts. I can't rememeber if it was her uterus or her ovaries. All this to say, that, maybe just maybe, something miraculous will come out of this... like another baby! (Just, hopefully not 6, cause seriously, that's insane.)