Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Disappearing But I'm Leaving You Links

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to San Diego for eleven days! We're taking the kiddo to Disneyland for the first time and if one more person asks me why I would go to Disneyland in the summer I am going to scream. I know that summer is the worst time to go to the happiest place on earth. I lived in southern California for 26 years, remember? I am aware that there are better seasons to visit the park. But I live in Utah now. I cannot just hop in the car and head to Disneyland whenever I feel like it. Troy will be with me for the first time since we've moved so we figured that taking him together would probably be a good idea. We're also celebrating the boy's second birthday with about 50 friends and family members. Other than those events, I plan to spend time at the beach, the pool by my parent's house, and possibly the Wild Animal Park or Sea World. (We have passes to both courtesy of my brother on the Sea World front and the relative cheapness of passes to the Zoo/Wild Animal Park.)

Garrett is thrilled to be going on a "ane" and flying to visit his "Raraw" which, of course, is toddler speak for Grandpa. I'll try to post on occasion but given all the fun I intend to have, you may not see me for awhile. Because you may not see me for awhile, I've decided to post links to a few of the blogs I've written. The criteria was basically based on my own personal preference and blogs I felt like revisiting. I will post a link for each day I will be gone. That way the faithful can keep reading. If you pop on here and happen to see a new post, I apparently found time to blog. Cheerio and have an excellent week and a half. I know I will.

Thursday, July 10 (Happy Birthday to my very good friend, Jenni): This is a blog that originally appeared on myspace and was then transferred. The story took place in the winter of 2007 when Garrett was still quite small.

Friday, July 11: This story took place just before we moved. Awhile after this blog was posted, it was determined that the cause of all the vomit was Garrett's herniated bellybutton becoming incarcerated. It has since been operated on.

Saturday, July 12 (Happy Anniversary to my college roommate, good friend and bridesmaid, Michelle and her husband Kevin): You will notice at the end of this post that our last name appears as the alias Nelson. That is before I decided that I needed a really awesome alias. Not that there is anything wrong with Nelson but Doozleberry is just so much more glamorous. Yeah.

Sunday, July 13:

Monday, July 14: A Snippet from Red Thing March

Tuesday, July 15:

Wednesday, July 16:

Thursday, July 17:

Friday, July 18:

Saturday, July 19:

Sunday, July 20 (Happy Birthday to the best little boy a mother could ever have prayed many years for :) I just transferred this over from myspace so that you'd all have something new to read.

Monday, July 21: Another poop story because, well, they are funny


  1. What a considerate blogger you are, leaving us snippets of yourself while you are away. J

  2. Have a safe and fun trip. I grew up in Southern California, too, and while it might not be the best time of year to visit Disneyland, July is otherwise terrific down there -- I think it's the best month to go to the beach!

  3. Well, how about that? I'll be flying home to San Diego next week too.

    My parents were born in San Diego in the 1920', my husband I were both born in San Diego, and both our kids, ages 28 and 29 are San Diego natives. Son lives in SLC now, and so will we starting in August. I'd love to visit your husband's church and meet you! I think we have Ramona friends in common.

  4. You were tagged
    But I know you are out of town, just do it when you get back.

  5. We don't know what part of SLC, probaby Mill Creek area. My job starts Sept. 1...I'll be the librarian for UCMT. Sweet! Hubby still working on job. Son goes to K2. We will be sure to visit you. Stay tuned...hope you are having a blast in SoCal.