Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pink Is The New White, Right?

This right here would be the reason I missed MOPS this morning. This picture was taken after the dried crusty snot was removed from all over his face. Nevertheless, that bright red eye is leaking contagious germs that I suspect would not make other mothers dance with glee. This morning the 100.5 temperature that he had last night is down to a happy 97.4 and hopefully it will stay that way. He slept for 13.5 hours last night so maybe that'll help turn his eye back to a normal color.

The especially awesome part of this whole thing is that not only is snot leaking from his nostrils, not only is watery gunk leaking from his eyes, drool (for some unknown reason) is leaking from his mouth. It's as though he has no control over his facial fluids. One minute I've got him all cleaned up and the next minute his entire face is covered in salivasnottygoo.

Do you think it's like that with God? I mean, not that His face is covered with salivasnottygoo but that he lays us down. He carefully washes away all the snot. He even makes sure to get all the rest out with the nasal aspirator. He brushes away all the gooey sinstuff that's dripping from our eyes. And we're all clean and our fever is gone. We run away to brush the dog with a broom (or at least, that's what Garrett does) and when we turn back around it's only because we're covered in snot again. All I'm saying is that God must wipe a whole lot of runny noses. And I'm guessing he gets pretty tired of it.

I've gotta run, Garrett is licking the stream of snot that's dumping out of his face.


  1. Sorry about your sick little guy. Looking at his sweet face made my eyes water.
    13.5 hours of sleep sounds good though...for a "not sick" grown up.

  2. Grandma loves that little boy even if he is covered head to toe in the salivasnottygoo!