Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today I went to Costco where I purchased diapers (turns out I still had a whole bunch) and, roughly, 60 bananas. As I pushed my bananas, my diapers, and my toddler through the store I wondered if anyone would raise an eyebrow in the checkout line. I thought of different replies should I be humorously questioned about my odd purchase.

-We own stock in Dole.

- We're on a strict, bananas only diet.

- We just got a monkey.

- (Points to Garrett) We have 59 others where this one came from.

As we exited the warehouse and had our receipt marked the woman glanced at my son, who was sitting in the cart guarding the fruit. "Do you have lots of nanas?" She questioned in his direction. He just smiled and I fought the urge to give her one of my lines.

As we cruised across the parking lot, a woman gave a glance into the cart and she looked surprised. I waited until she was a few feet in front of us and I just couldn't help myself. I looked at Garrett and said, "Your monkey is going to be very happy when we get home."

So are you curious as to why we needed so much fruit or do you regularly purchase 60 bananas?


  1. Okay, I'll bite. Are you communally low on potassium? Garrett's too young for you to be Room Mother in charge of the Valentine Party.

  2. because you want to make a whole lot of people slip & fall?

  3. Because by the time they go bad enough to make banana bread, Garrett will be old enough to bake it?

  4. Because you are just going to leave them outside covered in chocolate and start a frozen chocolate covered banana stand.

  5. Because someone told you that we didn't have any bananas here in CA. or are you planning on feeding your entire neighborhood?

    On the serious side, has to have something to do with church.

  6. because garrett's diapers have been a little too runny lately?

  7. You wouldnt believe the answers I came up with for that question...I think I am going to say, You probably have to bake something for a large number of folks at the church.....so when will we find out the answer...
    Hope all is well, my deepest apologies for your grandma. See ya lady:)