Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Zoo

Yesterday I woke up earlier than normal, Garrett was still sleeping. In the middle of the night I'd gotten the idea to take him to the zoo. We were there, with my cousin, Holly, in tow, by 9:30. This is exciting in and of itself. Normally I feed Garrett breakfast at 9:00 and then get on with my day. The mere fact that I was a fifty minute drive away from my house by 9:30 is very exciting. Now, I have to go digging around in the photo albums at my parents' house but I think there is a picture of me on this enormous statue turtle when I'm about three. This is the best we could get of Garrett yesterday...

Funny how the turtle is so much smaller than I remember... So I took Holly with me and this is what they looked like at the start of the day. This is before it got warm. Before he yanked his hat off. (Which he has to wear backward anyway because if he can see the bill it comes off in two seconds). Before he took off his shoes. Before he got filthy dirty petting zoo chunks on his shorts and ended up wearing only the "Going Ape" onesie that I found highly appropriate for a Zoo day.
We saw lions and bears and rhinos and turtles and meerkats and okapis and giraffes and monkeys and orangutans and, well, hippos.
We ate bananas and nectarines and gold fish crackers and shared chicken fingers and french fries. We walked up hills. We walked down hills. We walked up more hills. I have decided that the word "hill" effectively describes the World Famous San Diego Zoo. Garrett has decided, lately, that he likes to use his only two teeth to chomp down on fingers. It's highly exciting. We're working on it. In any case, I thought this picture was appropriate...

All in all, we made it just over four hours before Garrett had a colossal meltdown in the middle of the petting zoo because, of course, I should have let him keep crawling toward the deer poop because my child would never have tried to put it in his mouth. Noooo. So anyway, we loaded him back into the stroller, went and visited the humming birds, and left. He was asleep before we got out of the row we'd parked in. But I think he had fun. I'm glad we got passes.

And I'm even more glad that my Sea World working brother got us free passes to there. Passes that we will be using on Friday. I'll keep you all posted. All, two of you who read my blog~


  1. Passes are the bomb when you have kids to consider. We took Rowan to the Jos zoo in November (a dog kennel compared to SDZoo, but a nice stroll with some interesting animals, all the same). He liked the bonobos, the crocodiles, the porcupines, and the baby monkey. Good times. (:

  2. hey, that's THREE people that read your blog, if you don't mind! i've been enjoying your stories immensely the past few days and am just catching up on all of your posts. btw, i can lend you the copy of that book i used. its really easy to read and has lots of cartoon illustrations which almost makes it fun. turns out the author is a christian, as well which is cool. i'll bring it to church on sunday. :)