Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sea World Adventures

So, yesterday we (and by we I mean, of course, Troy, me, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Jon and Aunt Heather) took Garrett to Sea World. We waited until after his nap in the hopes that fun would be had by all. He met sea stars and bat rays. He observed flamingos and sea lions and seals and fish and manatees and sharks and penguins. He stood from afar and gazed upon the dolphins because the new policy of only getting near them if you've purchased food is as stupid as the Sea World no sandwich policy. He played in the children's area formerly known as Captain Kid's World now known as Shamu's Happy Harbor and soon to be renovated and renamed Sesame's Land of Play or something equally lame sounding. In my heart it will remain Captain Kid's World. Much like how I still often refer to Big Lots! as Pick 'n Save and have only recently been able to call Price Club by it's actual name, Costco. If you really want to get me started on a tangent just bring up Qualcomm Stadium. It's Jack Murphy you fools! Can you tell I'm not a huge fan of change? Huh, huh, canya? I digress. Back to Sea World. He rode in the Sky Ride. He saw polar bears. His Aunt Heather bought him a penguin backpack that she'd been eyeing since his birth but, until now, would have been much too big. Unless I was in the habit of putting my infant inside wheely backpacks and lugging him around that way. His Uncle Jon bought him a stuffed Shamu which he held tightly on the ride home. Being that they both work there, they have a lot of time to discover which trinkets and nicknacks are best for toddling little boys. Below are pictures of the beloved new possessions.

Speaking of toddling little boys, did you catch in my last post that he'd finally taken more than two steps? WELL HE DID! His preferred method of transportation is still crawling because he is quite the master of that particular vehicle. However, if you stand him up and make sure he's steady, he will now take somewhere between six and twelve steps before toppling forward or falling backward onto his hind quarters. It's the most adorable thing to watch. Although, his Uncle Jon does think it more resembles a shuffle than a walk. It still counts! He did it a couple of times at Sea World thanks to the aid of the backpack, which he used to balance himself before shuffling off.

So he has now been to every "animal" park this county has to offer and, I think it's safe to say, Sea World was his favorite. There are certainly things he enjoyed about the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park but his two favorite things in all the world are being outside and being wet. Both of those were quite easily accomplished at Sea World.

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  1. He had better like SeaWorld the best, or else I'm never taking him to see the sea stars again. And I'll take back my stuffed Mu. He was such a good little guy that day. His aunt and I had a blast with him.