Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lindsay Lohan makes me sad...

I'm sad about Lindsay Lohan.

You see, I was just watching Parent Trap on the ABC Family Channel and she was so fresh and young and new and, you know, not a druggie. At least, I very much assume that at twelve-ish she was not yet using cocaine. My friend, Kristin, was visiting me on Monday and we had a conversation about Lindsay's Parent Trap days and so, when flipping through the channels, I decided to catch a little of it. To remind myself of how cute she once was. To have an innocent image of Ms. Lohan in my head, instead of that over-baked-half-dead-sprawled-in-the-back-of-a-car-looking-like-something-that-comes-out-of-a-blender image that was thrown on the cover of every magazine by every check-out stand in every grocery store in every town in the United States. You know the one I'm talking about. So I was watching and thinking about how, on the one hand, we really can't control our children but how, on the other hand, we can try. Right?

Because I just kind of feel like if my kid was a coke addict (and by coke, in this post, I mean the actual illegal substance...not a carbonated beverage) I'd...I don't something to make it stop.

But then, I know people who raise their children the exact same way and one turns out mostly pure and mostly good and walking with the Lord and the other is, I don't know, in jail or in need of rehab. Or both.

So my kid is twelve months old and darn it but what if someone offers him marijuana or beer or a cigarette when he's thirteen or fourteen or twenty and he decides it's a good idea. I'm going to try my hardest to raise him not to. But what if...

What if one day I have to pop in an old home video. The one from today. The one where he took six steps in a row on several occasions!!! The one where he's new and young and pure. Just to remember. What if? I know my emotions and I'll feel like a complete failure whether it had anything to do with me or not. I mean, there's almost a part of me that feels like it's my fault that Lindsay Lohan is addicted to cocaine. I mean somewhere, in some parallel universe, isn't there something I could have done?

It will break my heart if I ever have to deal with my child looking like a blended smoothie gone terribly wrong. And it begs the question: How much do my "little" sins, my "white lies" break my Father's heart?

Dear Lindsay,
You're talented and beautiful. How about you kick the habit. And also, I have something to tell you about Jesus.

A Paranoid Mom Who Desperately Needs You To Get Clean For Her Own Peace of Mind


  1. I completely know how you feel. Especially since in my husband's family, I have seen those two extremes played out. There is the man I married who wouldn't even put as much as a cigarette to his lips and his brother who has smoked anything you can and been in "trouble" for almost all of his life. Same parents, same house, same family.

    The terrifying "Thinking Ahead" can get out of control. Like Sesame Street says, You let your imagination run away with you and next thing you know your curly haired beauty of a baby girl is living a life that you never intended for her.

    Isn't that why God wants us to take these sweet gifts of children and be willing to give them back to Him? In the sense that Moses had to be ready to give Issac back to the Lord, we are just here to guide our children and let God be in charge of their hearts.

    But it doesn't mean the smoothie pictures of Miss Lohan don't make us shiver just a little bit.

  2. My Aaron and I are just flabergasted at her behavoir, because truly, the saddest part of all is; She is truly talented. She doesn't need the extra publicity and rumors and her face plastered on the magazines, she has so much fabulous talent, and she is ruining herself. It'S SO STINKIN SAD.

    Prayer, that girl needs prayer, and Jesus, and to lay off the drugs and go back to work...

    So really what I am saying is "WE AGREE, WELL WRITTEN!"

  3. I agree completely. She is a moron. But the whole thing about 2 kids turning out completely differently, as you know, it could have happened with us. You were the angel child, and I was, well, me. And I can guarantee you that mom and dad spent many a nights praying that I would stop being an idiot. And I did. For the most part, hehe. It just took God grabbing ahold of my face, giving it a good shake, and hitting me over the head with a brick. All you can do is pray. The rest is up to God, and the child, if he or she is so inclined to listen.

  4. I agree with crayl. that girl needs prayer, and Jesus, and to lay off the drugs and go back to work. I also pray that Britney Spears and Lily Allen and Billie Piper and Charlotte Church and Amy Winehouse and Owen Wilson all come to know Jesus as well.