Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New York, New York

Our trip was fantastic. The boys were off track so my dad stayed with them so that my husband could continue working while I gallivanted all over New York City. He did so many fun things with them that I don't think they missed me for a single second. We got back into town late Sunday night and, on Monday morning, Garrett crawled into bed with me and barely came up for air as he described the incredible time he'd had with his Grandpa. Obviously, my husband was around for some of it but my kids probably barely noticed him.

Meanwhile, my mom and I were visiting The Empire State Building, Times Square, Liberty and Ellis Islands, the Holocaust museum, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, The Cloisters, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and many flagship stores. We enjoyed Grimaldi's, Magnolia Bakery and Serendipity. And we saw It's Only a Play and Phantom of the Opera.

Also...this happened.

Which really just meant that I went into a wax museum but I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and had a couple of people wondering what the heck had happened in my life to warrant an appearance on Fallon. 

But alas...I only met Fallon in the way that I met Spiderman. 
It is important to note that if I actually met Spiderman (or Jimmy Fallon, for that matter), I would not drape myself over him.

When I bought that shirt, Garrett told me that if we ever get another baby, all my kids will be represented in giraffes with Kate being the one that looks different from all the rest because she's a ghost. I corrected his theology. We do not become ghosts. (Nor do we become angels but that's a whole different theology lesson.) Still, I LOVE the shirt even more now and I'm just waiting to see what God might do about that last giraffe.

You know what? I used to look JUST like my dad. I still do in the fact that my hair is like his, my coloring is from him, and I have two giant smile lines running down the length of my cheeks which look just fine on a dude but are maybe not the most attractive thing on a female. But now, when I walk past a mirror, I sometimes see my mom looking back at me. This was evidenced by the fact that people on Facebook said we were twins. This is a nice compliment for my mother, if people are implying that she looks like she's 33. It is not really a nice compliment for me in event that people are saying I resemble a 50+ year old. Still...

Yeah. I guess I see it. Fifty, here I come!

We saw THIS SHOW and it was hilarious. The pastor's wife in me cannot endorse the language as it was not so great with the not cussing. But the comedic timing was just phenomenal and the script was incredibly witty.

The next night we saw Phantom of the Opera for two reasons. 1. I had never seen it before which is unacceptable for someone who holds a degree in Theatre. 2. It was super inexpensive. Given the people around us, it really was more like we were at the circus. There's a pending blog post dedicated just to that evening.

On Thursday morning we went north to The Cloisters. It was a beautiful day. The gardens were gorgeous and the experience was breathtaking.

The GW Bridge is beautiful when it's not a crazy storm and you're not trying to walk across it and your umbrella isn't inverted and trying to take you away Mary Poppins style.

This cathedral is huge. The pulpit is approximately 37 times the size of my husband. He would need phone books to stand on.

This. There are no words, really. You people who say that they are not good are within seconds of being dead to me.


6.1 miles around Central Park on this bad boy which, if you let go of the handlebars, toppled over because of uneven basket weight distribution. Also, there were hills. Painful-I'm-out-of-stinkin'-shape hills. An old lady ran them faster than we peddled. Granted, she was like the most fit old lady I'd ever seen but STILL.

Turtles in Central Park! I wanted to box one up and bring it home to my boys but decided there were probably rules against that sort of thing.

We went to the top of the Empire State Building and then we went to the Top of the Rock so that we could look at the Empire State Building. It was all included on our City Pass so why not?

You guys. This frozen salted caramel hot chocolate changed my life. I'm not kidding. I'm a better person for having met this drink. My associate pastor's wife is a better person for having told me about it. Congratulations Sonrise! Holly and I are BOTH better people because of a chocolate beverage. You're welcome.

On our last full day, we went to Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge and had delicious pizza! 

We walked across the bridge. It rained a little. This leads me to the conclusion that I cannot walk across a bridge in New York without summoning the rain.

On Sunday we went into Greenwich Village so that we could obtain cupcakes to bring home to our men. I decided that if I lived in the city, I could go for having an address in Greenwich Village.

Then we made our way to the airport and flew home. I was very happy to see my vehicle. I mean, sometimes it decides not to start but USUALLY it starts when I want it to. I don't have to walk a quarter mile to get to it every time I want to use it and, TYPICALLY, there are not dozens of people in it with me.

But if I could have my own car and a magic traffic genie, I could TOTALLY live in New York.

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