Saturday, June 14, 2014

Would You Rather Be Too Hot or Too Cold?

I really, really, really, really love summer. That's NOT to say that I love when the weather is over 100 degrees or that I love the way it feels to sweat uncontrollably. Those things I really do not like very much. But I try hard not to complain because I spend the months of November to April complaining about being cold. I don't think it's very fair to complain for five months straight about THE FRIGID COLD THAT WON'T LET UP and then turn around again and start bellyaching about WHY I AM SO HOT? Last summer when our air conditioning broke and it was 93 degrees INSIDE my house, I did start complaining. But typically, I make a conscious effort not to.

I've heard people ask, "Would you rather be too hot or too cold?" The usual answer is that people would rather be too cold because they can always put more clothes on. I heartily disagree with that response. In the winter I can usually be found, ALL DAY LONG, wearing my thick winter coat in my house. I'm usually still not warm. Part of that is the fact that I keep my heater set to about 62 because I'm a cheapskate. So, yes, I'm actively enabling my own hypothermia. But, SIXTY-TWO. How am I still that cold? Why do I need pants, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket on to keep me from shaking?

This is why I maintain that I could move to Florida or Phoenix or Guam and be JUST FINE. Because if I lived in any of those places I don't think I'd ever see the number 63 on a thermometer. See, I, myself, would much rather be hot. If you're hot you can wear a tank top and shorts. You can sit in front of a fan. You can drink a tall glass of iced tea. You can run through the sprinklers, head to the swimming pool, or hang out in your basement. There are things to do to get cooler, people. Sometimes, in the dead of winter, I am so cold I think I'll never be warm again.

There might be something wrong with me. Maybe I should get my circulation checked. I was told that my blood would thicken after a couple of winters here. Seven is a lot more than a couple and I'm still waiting. Apparently, spending 26 years in San Diego gave me a permanent case of thin blood. See, here, in Utah, the sun comes out and I feel just about 1,000 times happier than I felt ALL winter long. Because water and splash pads and popsicles and flip flops and the smell of sunscreen and sunshine. And so many smiles on the faces of my kids.

Back in the (COLD) winter, Garrett was given the Star Student Award which only about five kids in his class had the honor of getting this year. As part of his reward, he got a coupon for a free activity at a place called Classic Fun Center. He kept begging and begging to use it. It's a good thing we didn't because the water park would not have been open in February.

And so all of this fun would not have been had.

They'd have skated or played on the jungle gym or bounced.

But instead, they got to do all of this...

I also had another coupon for a free activity. I had to pay a $2.00 spectator fee. So all of this fun was had for exactly two dollars.

And it was WARM! The sun. The fun. The water.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE SUMMER?


  1. Summer always! Too hot always rather than too cold! Also... um... Guam? Of all the random hot places? I hear they have a problem with snakes there so, just, no. Seriously. Google it. Eek! (Then again didn't you have a pet snake for awhile?)

  2. Guam is totally ridiculous. I just threw that in there for kicks. We had a snake, yes. But not, like, huge, man-eating snakes. Which are the kind I'm imagining that Guam has.

  3. Add much as i love the sunshine and green grass, i find myself feeling nauseous and sluggish if i get too warm. It was a long hard winter and my spirits have soared now that we walk to the park everyday in flip flops. Like my mom says, oh to live in the land of spring and fall.