Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The 1600

Running might be in my kid's blood. He really likes to run. Last summer he joined a running club and he's doing it again this year. At practice he will just run. And run. And run. He's not much of a sprinter but tell him to go run a mile and he just trots along at a steady clip.

Last Friday was his first meet.

He wanted to run the mile. There aren't very many kids who elect to run that distance. See...I'm pretty sure there were only two boys in his age group.

Here he is, coming around, about to finish his third lap.

And then, a lap later, I clocked his unofficial time. Not bad for a seven-year-old. Not bad at all.

Aside from his first, pretty quick lap, his splits were almost even. He has another meet tonight and he has no concept of shaving off time. "Mom, if I run the mile tonight in five minutes, will you buy me an ice cream?"

"Garrett," I said. "If you run the mile in five minutes, I will buy you a cruise."

Because, if my seven-year-old could run a mile that fast, I'm pretty sure he'd be gaining some kind of instant attention. I'm thinking a cruise would be in order.


  1. If he runs his mile in five-flat his uncle will buy him some track spikes, move to Utah to coach him and call Sports Illustrated.

  2. Dude. I couldn't even run a mile that fast when I was in my prime at 19. Kudos to Garrett! :-)