Friday, May 9, 2014


Dear World,

I was badly in need of a makeover. It had been, well, a really long time. It was kind of like how you girls will go days, weeks, maybe even months without shaving your legs during the wintertime because it's too stinkin' cold outside to wear any kind of clothing that would cause people to notice. Or kind of like when you're a new mom and you just wear the baby barf clothes out in public because what's the point of changing just to have the kid puke all over you again. Even though both of those examples would have caused your younger self to, maybe, break out in hives. Sometimes you just need to shave your legs and change into clothes that don't smell like vomit. And that's what needed to happen to me.

I needed new pictures.

New captions.

Some BUTTONS to click on, even.

Lori is, like, the LEAST techy person you know who is actually under the age of 70. It's sad. So even though it's not like I look GREAT now, please acknowledge that a change has been made because she tried really hard and she did it ALL BY HERSELF.

Also, she broke up with Disqus because she couldn't figure out why none of you (or very few, anyway) could comment. Maybe you just stopped commenting because she stopped being funny, poignant, relevant or important. Maybe you stopped reading altogether and I'm just talking to the cyber abyss. But if, by chance, you are still reading and if, by chance, you were one of the ones having problems commenting, could you say, "Hi! It works!" or "Don't expect me to ever comment again because your writing is slop." Because, see, there were some people who could still comment and it seems that those comments are trapped somewhere inside of Disqus. Someone is almost always really immature when break ups happen. Take Lori, for example. She once broke up with a guy who then borderline stalked her and hovered in the doorway of her biology class for an inhuman amount of time, causing even the professor to become uncomfortable. (Just to play devil's advocate for the sake of keeping it real, the two were slated to get married so it wasn't your every day, run of the mill, break up but still. That dude behaved like what I'm saying.) Disqus stole ALL THE COMMENTS and WON'T GIVE THEM BACK.

So. Since she lost comments AND doesn't know that there is any way to recover them AND doesn't even really know if breaking up with Disqus was the answer, it would be super nice of you to let her know. You can always email her at if it still doesn't work. Or you can tell her on Facebook. Or in person. Or over texting. Just throw her a bone, m'kay?

Don't be like the dog on Pirates of the Caribbean who, for half a century now, has been taunting those poor pirates with that rusty old key.

The Blog


  1. YAY!!! It works, I can post a comment!!!
    I LOVE your writing, Lori and I really enjoy the new look.
    But most of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are a woman who loves Jesus, your family, and life. So glad our paths crossed all those years ago. Keep up the great work--the kids, the hubby, the ministry, and the writing. HUGS!!!

  2. It works. I love reading your blog although I don't comment much. Kathy Phillips

  3. I'm glad you fixed/changed it. I hated not being able to comment.

  4. Reading your blog makes me feel guilty for not blogging, so I tried to stop. But you are a hard habit to break. And since that doesn't sound creepy at all, I'm going now. Hurray for commenting again!

  5. Love the re-do! Love that I can comment. Miss your face (especially the one I saw at 6am when we swam which reminds me that I also miss the pool. Boo.)!

  6. Hey look! I can comment! WOohoo!
    Looking good my friend. :)