Wednesday, May 21, 2014

He's Got Our Backs

This was a real text conversation between my friend and me.

Me: So yesterday I finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird again. I must have been thinking of that final scene where Jem and Scout get attacked. I had a dream I was being chased by an assailant. I ran past a bus stop and Nathan* was there. I started screaming for him to help, using him as a shield. So tell him thanks for being my dream protector.

Friend: I will be sure he dusts off his shining armor just in case you need it again :). Too funny.

Me: I woke up and I was like...well THAT was interesting. And I mean...I was hysterical in the dream. It took him a good long while to figure out what the heck I was shrieking about. But know...he took care of business.

Friend: He does that. And yes, it does take him awhile to figure out what I'm shrieking about. So did he knock the life out of the guy?

Me: I was hiding behind him and I don't know what happened exactly. But then suddenly there were lots of people...hysterical screaming tends to draw crowds. But I did wake up with the thought, "Nathan saved my life." Which was then followed by my thinking that was a very weird dream.

Friend: I'm glad you're safe. And lest you think you're the only weirdo, I know Nathan has daydreams about saving...well, Troy's life. He imagines what he would do if a gunman came into Sonrise and threatened Troy. Often we choose seats based on his clear path to intercept the villain.

Me: THAT IS EXCELLENT! I often have daymares involving a psycho trying to kill Troy while he's preaching. Glad to know someone is already planning a defense.

Friend: I'm sure Troy is happy we are focusing on such things while he preaches. Very spiritual.

Me: Yes. Look at us paying so much attention.

*Name changed to protect the dream/pastor protector.

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  1. I go to a very large church and they actually have a security team and contingency plans for events such as that. We don't even know they're there - the team members are extremely discreet but very good at their jobs. We had an actual emergency once and they were amazing.