Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Phonemes and Carnivores

My kid is a funny one. He cracks me up with all the hysterical things he says. Just the other day I was telling him that he needed to pay good attention during his phonics lesson.

"It's not phonics!" he reprimanded. It's actually a huge spiral bound book full of all sorts of rhyming words and syllable work. It's called Phonemic Awareness. "It's PHONEMES!" he proceeded to holler.

"I stand corrected," I said. "Pay attention when you're learning about PHONEMES."

"The book is actually called Phony Book Awareness," he replied.

It's not the first time he's called it that. Back at the beginning of the year he told me all about Phony Book Awareness. I'd just forgotten about it until he said it again.

I forwarded my mom this email that his teacher sent me last week...

I have to tell you the funniest thing Garrett said yesterday. It was during the math lesson and I was introducing the students to the big words: organize, category, represent. I used an example of a grocery store to illustrate to students what category means. I said something like "you wouldn't go looking for a pepper in the cereal aisle." and "Where would you go to look for sugar?" etc etc. Then I said "Where would I go to look for meat?" and Garrett says "the carnivore aisle?" HA I laughed out loud. "Yes, actually." So funny, especially since he was sincere with his answer.

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