Monday, October 14, 2013

Today I...

Today I...

Cleaned three bathrooms
Volunteered in Garrett's classroom
Filled the van up with gas because no one wants to come home to an empty tank
Picked up Matthew from preschool
Entered all of our passport information into the Delta website
Cleaned the kitchen
Printed four boarding passes for SLC-JFK
Worked with Matthew on his shapes, letters, and numbers
Cleaned two bedrooms and a playroom
Made Matthew lunch
Printed four boarding passes for JFK-TLV
Chatted with a friend for a half hour
Cleaned the family room
And the living room
Made lunch for tomorrow
Made dinner for the family
Picked Garrett up from school
Made an appointment with an orthopedist for when we return

(not in that order)

(partial list)

My husband...

Took Matthew to school
Went to the office
Mowed the lawns
Helped Garrett with a bunch of his independent study work for tomorrow and Wednesday
Visited the bank
Went back to the church for a meeting

So it was a busy day.

But I think we're ready.

Our flight leaves SLC at 11:15. We fly to JFK, have a three hour layover, and then head to Tel Aviv. We're supposed to land in the afternoon on Wednesday, which will be early, early morning to us.

I'm hoping that my next blog will come from halfway around the world.

See you then.

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