Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Six

1. It is cold here. As in, high of 51 on only the 4th of October. As in, snow in the mountains. Brrr. I'm gonna fix up my husband's resume real nice like and send it to Florida. And Mexico. And the South Pacific.

2. My son climbed into the car after preschool and announced, "You never kiss my chubby cheek anymore." If you think I didn't remedy that problem right away, you're wrong.

3. Israel in eleven days. Let the packing anxiety begin. Oh, who am I am kidding? The packing anxiety began about two months ago. It just wasn't until today that I realized we don't have enough underwear to go without laundry services for almost two weeks.

4. I really love my son's first grade teacher. Yesterday I went on a field trip with them. Garrett didn't realize that they still had an a hour and a half of class when we got back. My typically stoic child had a meltdown in the classroom. He was clinging to me and sobbing. I pulled him in to the hallway and tried to get him to settle down. Eventually, his teacher came and knelt down next to me. "What can I do to help?" she asked calmly. We were able to transition him from my side and she guided a sniffling seven-year-old into the room.

5. Said child is weird because, apparently, he was just fine and dandy after that. I don't get him.

6. I am speaking tomorrow at a women's retreat. After that, regular posting will likely resume.

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