Friday, October 11, 2013


My poor kids have the severe misfortune of being raised by a woman in possession of a theatre degree and a man with a degree in youth ministry.

We hear the words "spirit day" and "dress like a superhero" and we go a little crazy.

We think outside the box.

We dress our kid like this.

He gets all into it at home.

 We pose him, sure, but he enjoys it. Stares at himself in the mirror, even.

Then we get to school and he wants to button the shirt back up, take off the glasses, and pretend it isn't spirit day. Who does this child belong to? A younger version of my husband. My father. I don't know but it isn't me.

At least he'll put the costume on. I think he left the outfit intact long enough for everyone to see it.

If nothing else, all the parents loved it.

My theatre degree is buried in a drawer somewhere, fading and collecting dust. I honestly cannot tell you, at this exact moment, where, on earth, that 85,000 dollar piece of paper is. What I know is that I'm using every inch of that baby to raise these boys.

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