Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last First Day of Preschool

This kid started his last year of preschool on Wednesday. Between both boys, it's our fifth year at the same school. We like it there. If I added up all the money I've spent on preschool, well, it would be a lot of money. It's worth it.

Matthew is doing a weird thing where he sometimes curls his upper lip when he smiles. I happen to think it's precious.

Seriously. This kid. He's just adorable.

Wait for it...

It's the lip curl.

He's also an incredible ham. I said, "Smile." He did this.

He pouted for the first five minutes of school. Then he had a great day. When I picked him up I asked him why he was pouting at the beginning. "Because I don't yike it when you yeave me." 

"I always come back. You can have fun at school. I'll always come and get you." Unless I die or something. But I didn't tell him that part because, you know, he's four.

His brother, the budding photographer was outside snapping pictures at the same time. He caught this one...

Am I the only one who wants to eat him? He really is that delicious. Right?

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