Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm Broken and Busy!

My life is kerAz right now. In fact, I had to put Physical Therapy on my to-do list just for the pleasure of crossing it off. Which I haven't done yet. Because it's not until tomorrow. By the way, I'm going to physical therapy because once upon a time I was a swimmer and apparently this is a death trap for shoulders. It's entirely possible that I have a labral tear that could require surgery. Or maybe not. Only time and a possible MRI that may or may not offer conclusive results will tell. The real kicker is that I don't even remember doing anything to it this time. I just woke up about a month ago in immense and intense pain. Word on the street--and by street I mean physical therapy office--is that swimmer's develop tight muscles across their backs and around the shoulder blade area but the front of the shoulder becomes loose and sloppy after years of repetitive motion. Thus, it is prone to injury. Especially when the (ex)swimmer gets old. And, apparently, in this case, old means 32.

But that's not why my life is crazy (kerAz!).

I'm trying to get ready to host a women's retreat for 46!

That's a lot of estrogen in one place.

So I'm remembering details and cleaning my house (which is ridiculous because I have three males in the house and when I say, "Women's retreat!" they hear, "Pizza on the carpet during Sports Center!" and "We don't have to make our beds!" and "Showering optional!") and still working, volunteering, teaching Bible study, and preparing to speak at another retreat the following weekend.

And that is why my blogging has been bad.

Bad. Bad blogger. Right here.

I, like, totally get it if you're moving on to someone who posts with regularity. Although, I do promise to be back more regularly in a week or two.

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