Friday, March 22, 2013


It's freezing.

And snowing.

And gray.

I hate Utah's spring.

It is, by far, my least favorite season here which is saying a lot because WINTER! The LONG winter. Every year, it seems.

But at least I'm prepared to freeze from November until March. Spring gets me every time with its 65 degrees followed by 20. Don't get me wrong, I love those 65 degree days much more than I love Utah winter but I hate those 20 degree, snowy spring days much more than I hate Utah winter.

When it comes to weather, I am happy from May through October.

I'm a weather snob.

But aren't we all?

Doesn't everyone hate humidity or cold or dry heat or snow or wind or something?

I spent the first 26 years of my life in San Diego and can I just state, for the record, in case you've never been there, PERFECT WEATHER ABOUT 10 MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR. (If you hate the heat which comes in July and August. Perfect weather 12 months out of the year if you don't mind the summer. Which I don't.)

At this very moment, at 10:33 am in Salt Lake, it is 29. At this very moment, at 9:33 am in San Diego, it is 59.

I am ready for flip flops and tank tops and shorts and swimming outside. Utah is, apparently, ready for more sledding and snowmen.

We have fundamental differences, Utah and I.

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