Saturday, April 14, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Being that we were friends first, our marriage is built on the foundation of teasing one another. Thankfully, we do indeed have Christ as the cornerstone. This morning I was giving my husband a little bit of a hard time--in jest. He wrapped his arms around me as I stood at the kitchen sink.

T: You're being snide.
Me: No, I'm not.
T: You're being bratty?
Me: No. I'm being me. (pause) You chose me.
T: I did.
Me: You waited all that time and then you chose me. (Said as though I thought he'd made a colossal mistake.)
T: I did. And you chose me.
Me: Yeah. But I didn't wait a long time. (pause) I married my rebound guy.

Just another day in our lives.

In other news, last night we used a gift card and went to Red Lobster. My oldest son loves Red Lobster. I mean...he loves it. If I was still in elementary school I'd say that he loves it so much he should marry it. And he'd probably say, "Okay!" and buy it a ring. He asks all the time if we can go there and, well, no. We can't. That's not practical. We can really only afford to go there about twice a year. With gift cards. He was thrilled when we sprung it on him.

He ordered popcorn shrimp off the kid's menu.

Troy and I ordered a platter to share. Our plate came with three legs of snow crab, eight battered shrimp and a heap of broccoli. We divided it all in half. Except you can't really divide three crab legs equally. So I took the two smaller ones and gave Troy the bigger one and the chunk of body that they're attached to.

I declared that it is good that we are no longer bound by levitical law and can enjoy crustaceans.

And then Garrett proceeded to want nothing but my snow crab.

His plate of popcorn shrimp and fries went virtually untouched as he pillaged my crab. A quick hand darting over to snatch a piece. Big eyes pleading with me for more. When I told him to stop taking it off my plate, he simply stared at it longingly. When I gave him a bite, he savored it as though it was surely his last meal.

Troy sent bites of his toward Matthew's mouth. My youngest also gobbled it down gratefully.

I put half a leg next to my plate where Garrett couldn't see it. When he'd finished his meal I asked him if he was full. "Yes," he replied.

"Is there anything you'd want more of, if we had it?"

"Only that delicious crab."

I pulled it from behind the plate and handed it to him. His eyes lit up proving to me that if Santa brought him nothing but snow crab next Christmas he'd be happy.

When we left, Garrett asked the hostess, "Would it be possible for me to see one of the lobsters?" The hostess reached into the tank and pulled one out for him to see. Matthew shrieked and ran behind his daddy.

"It's gonna get me!" He screamed.

Garrett touched the lobster and watched it curl and uncurl its tail.

"This is the Red Lobster I'm going to work at when I'm a teenager," my oldest son declared. And, well, if they provide a discount on snow crab legs I'm certain that he will.

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