Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayer Warriors

You guys (and my women's bible study) are awesome! Out of 36 time slots, only one isn't filled. Some are doubled up and I know that others will be praying for a minute here or there throughout the day. We are so blessed by all of you volunteering to go before the Lord on our behalf. We don't know what God will ultimately do and we don't know how He will choose to answer our prayers. What we know is that He will answer them. Change is coming. I can feel it in my soul. I can't quite put a finger on what that means, exactly, I just feel change blowing in like the next winter storm. I'm hoping for something positive. I'm praying for a miracle. Thank you for joining us in prayer.

This guys says thank you as well. It sounds more like, "MOM MOM MOM!" But he means thank you.

That's right. I knew, "Mama," was right on the tip of his tongue. Two days after I wrote his 9 month letter, he blurted it out. Of course, it sounded a lot more like "mom" and a lot less like "mama" but oh did it melt my heart. He says it when he sees me in the morning. He says it when he wants another bite of food. He says it when he wants me to pick him up. "Mom!" Change is coming. Pray that we don't lose this precious boy. Pray that he doesn't lose his Mom.


  1. I know that I didn't sign up for a time, but I've been praying and I will pray for you on that day. I've been praying for a miracle too.

  2. I will fill the last slot if it's not filled yet!

    That's what I get for not signing onto blogger every hour! I missed the post!

  3. I will be praying for you tomorrow. Actually I have already been praying. He is such a sweet little boy! He loves his mom!

  4. we are praying too!

    jack's prayers sound like this, "da, da, da, dad..." so, we know he's talking to his Abba upstairs.

  5. Just read your blog and I didn't sign up in time, but I'll be whispering prayers all day!

  6. Oh, hon... I'm so sorry I missed your call for help. Know that you're always in our prayers, though. I hope today went well and the miracle we're all hoping for arrived in style.