Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chatty One

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of The Rock Star's preschool teachers. It went a lot like this...

Miss J: Okay. Can I just tell you that he says the funniest things?
Me: Uh oh.
Miss J: This morning he came back from the bathroom and informed me that his potty was stuck inside.
Me: Oh. Great.
Miss J: He's soooo cute.
Me: Thank you. (pause) Does he behave? (The look on Miss J's face changed a little and I'd be lying if I said it didn't make my heart fall about three inches in my chest cavity. I blasted right through...) I mean, does he have to spend a lot of time in timeout?
Miss J: OH! No. I don't think I've ever put him in timeout.
Me: Okay. Good. I ask him each day if he had to sit in timeout and he always emphatically screams, "NO! NEVER!" I was starting to worry that he was lying.
Miss J: No. He's never gone to timeout. (pause) He does, uh, well, um, get a little chatty sometimes. (As I knowingly nod she continues) We have to say, "Garrett, it is Miss J's turn to talk and your turn to listen."
Me: (patting Garrett's head) Oh, I'm sorry. We'll have to work on that, won't we, Garrett?
G: Uh huh.
Me: His father talks for a living and I really don't stop talking so I'm not overly surprised.
Miss J: (laughing) Oh really?
Me: Oh yeah. It was a good day in school if I didn't get asked at least twice to stop talking.

Chatty? My son? You have GOT to be kidding me. I'm utterly shocked. I've been blind sided completely. I may need to rethink my entire world view.


  1. That's like my son and being stubborn and opinionated. Me?! NEVER! I fear for his future teachers, I really do. "Why, Oh really, are you sure?" I hear them all in his future.

  2. Like grandma, like daughter, like son. I think I even remember hearing that great-grandma may have had a similar problem. We all turned out ok didn't we? Seriously, didn't we? I just had to say it

  3. Yeah, but try being the younger sibling of the "chatty one". I can't tell you how many times a teacher looked at me on the first day of school after calling roll and asked me, praying for the answer to be no, "Are you Ginny's sister?" Then by open house, they would always tell my mom, "She's nothing like her sister. She's so QUIET!" Obviously, I've learned to talk since then, but I don't think I ever had a teacher tell me to be quiet in school! Matthew better hope for different teachers than the ones that Garrett has, lol!

  4. LORI
    i love reading your blog, cuz its funny and I hear you speaking as i'm reading (so much of your mom in you)
    motherhood is an adventure isn't it?
    merry Christmas!

  5. My mother tells me that my Kindergarten teacher had to tell me to let the other children have a chance to talk too. Can you believe that? I guess I got all my words out in Kindergarten. J

  6. LOL! I like that yours shows his true character at preschool. When our teacher described J at our P/T conference, my husband and I looked at each other, looked back at her, and said, "Really? Are you sure you're not talking about another kid?" Apparently ours is QUIET in school. Who knew? (Don't you wish you could watch him at school on a webcam?)