Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Several weeks ago, The Rock Star caught me wrapping one his daddy's presents. I was trying to do it behind his back because, while he's getting better at keeping secrets, he can't be trusted not to blab. He was excited about it and I instructed him, over and over, that he could not tell his daddy what was inside. Troy absolutely, positively, without a doubt, really, truly hates to know what his presents are.

I instructed Garrett that he had to keep it a secret and that if his daddy ever asked him what was inside (when pigs learned how to waltz with lions or something) he should say, "Nothing."

Me: So what's inside?
G: It's a _____________. (He told me exactly what is was.)
Me: No. Forget what's in there. It's nothing.
G: It's a ____________. (He told me again. I'd tell you but what with my husband reading this blog and all...)
Me: No. It's nothing. (pause) What is it?
G: It's nothing. But it's really a ___________.
Me: Garrett. You cannot tell daddy what it is.
G: Okay. It's nothing.

Well, the gift remained down in the basement for many days and I brought it up about ten days ago. I was wrapping other gifts and The Rock Star was being the little elf who deposited them under the tree. At one point he came back upstairs and smiled proudly.

Me: Did you put it under the tree?
G: (whispering as though he had the best secret in the whole wide world) Yes. I put it right by daddy's nothing.

He has since said hysterical things like, "I can't wait until daddy opens his nothing." So, this Christmas will be remembered as the year where Troy got nothing.


  1. That is awesome. One year christy and the kids got me a wallet for a gift. Jessie was like 3 or 4 and she handed it to me all wrapped up and said, "Here is your wallet daddy". I love it. We still tease her to this day about it.

  2. Appropriate, considering you don't have any money. :) J

  3. that is so cute, i hope Garret continues to remember that it is nothing =)

  4. That is precious. At least he didn't get mad at his daddy, unwrap the present and take a bite out of it!

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  6. That's is so great. I am so glad you recorded this story. It's adorable. Merry Christmas to all of you. May you truly have a beautiful Christmas with your family! Love you my friend.

  7. one of my first memories is of my dad grilling me over and over so I wouldn't tell my mom that we bought her a sweater. when we walked in the door, she asked me what we got her.

    me: 'a sweater!'